Employment and Workplace Trends for 2023

2022 strongly affected how businesses and employment operated. With a stronger shift to remote or hybrid arrangements and inflation leading to more demand for increased wages, it’s important that businesses are prepared for what’s to come in the year ahead.

As we’re settling into 2023, businesses and employment agencies Melbourne-wide must look ahead at the trends that will shape employment and the workplace. By understanding these trends, recruitment agencies and businesses looking to hire will be well-equipped to successfully prepare for what’s to come.

Without further ado, let’s take a close look at the top employment and workplace trends that are set to shape 2023.

Flexibility is Still a Priority

As businesses had to shake up their work arrangements in recent years, some of these changes have become staples for many businesses. 

According to a study from The University of Melbourne, 70% of Australians who have been working remotely because of the pandemic would like to continue to do so. The Conversation, meanwhile, explains that 44% of Australians are splitting their time between the office and working from home.

In the same study from The Conversation, 94% of workers who had greater flexibility in their work schedules were happy or very happy with the arrangement. In addition, the study explained that 23% of respondents would want to work remotely on a permanent basis as their ideal scenario.

So if you’re not incorporating remote work into your business strategy, then consider it a top priority for the year ahead. It can lead to stronger staff retention and employment satisfaction.

Diversity in the Workplace

Diverse and inclusive workplaces allow business to thrive in multiple ways. When your workplace is diverse and inclusive, it means there are more people who have a different approach to a problem or shake up a process.

Another great perk of a diverse workforce is the increased cultural awareness. By having a diverse workforce, it allows you and your business to have a nuanced understanding of different markets. For example, you might hire someone who has a disability or can speak a second language. This allows you to tap into their knowledge and learn from them so you can improve practices for the future.

Transparency with Pay Expectations

With most people being affected by the increase in inflation and costs of living, it’s logical to assume that companies will increase wages to better support their staff.

Businesses should be clear about whether or not they’ll increase their staff’s wages in times of great financial need. After all, almost 78% of people from the Rob Walters pay survey said that they would rather get a job elsewhere than get a pay cut. 

Managing staff expectations around their pay can help foster trust and retention, especially if you work with your team to create a sound payment plan that meets their needs and considers the needs of the business. 

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