Our Sales, Support & Service team are experienced in recruiting all levels of staff within the industry. Specialising in both Temporary & Permanent Recruitment, our team are experts in sourcing Executive assistants, Office managers, Customer service representatives, Marketing managers, Business development managers, Account managers, and HR managers.

Meet the Team

Our dedicated team of Sales, Support & Service Recruiters are eager to act as an enthusiastic and highly qualified resource for you to either find the best candidates for your business, or best fitting career for your interests. Contact us today.

Ellie Campbell

Managing Consultant
  • Ellie Campbell
  • Managing Consultant

As the Managing Consultant of Woods & Co’s largest team, Ellie brings a wealth of experience to the table. Whether you’re seeking a BDM, Account Manager, Marketing Manager, or HR role, Ellie is your go-to-girl. Her knack for building trust, communicating, negotiating, and identifying needs in others whilst she worked in previous business development roles drove her towards a people centric industry like recruitment.

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Lachie Topp

Senior Recruitment Consultant
  • Lachie Topp
  • Senior Recruitment Consultant

Lachie joined our team with experience as a hiring and training manager. Over time, he has honed his skills and developed into an expert recruiter for our Sales, Support, and Service departments. Whether you're seeking an office manager, personal assistant (PA), executive assistant (EA), or any form of direct support, Lachie is your go-to guy!

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Lucy Andrew

Senior Recruitment Coordinator
  • Lucy Andrew
  • Senior Recruitment Coordinator

Lucy has a wealth of knowledge in retail sales and administration. Her people focused nature, desire to learn, enjoyment of problem solving, love of the recruitment hustle, coupled with her genuine love of taking the time to listen to her candidates and aligning them with appropriate career opportunities has made Lucy an asset to the team at Woods & Co.

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Steve Gunasekera

Strategic Consultant
  • Steve Gunasekera
  • Strategic Consultant

Steve has a degree in Social Science, majoring in Human Resource Management from RMIT. He is an ethical professional with with a wealth of experience across Sales, Professional Services, HR Consulting and Recruitment.

Steve has joined Woods & Co as the Director of Client Services and focussed on building long lasting relationships with clients and ensuring the very best outcome for all parties involved.

Having had his own small business, he understands the importance of relationships and going the extra mile to ensure a positive outcome.

Steve is especially passionate about the FMCG, Technology and Services industries and specialises in recruiting Exec and GM level positions, but still enjoys recruiting junior and mid level roles and assisting in their career growth.

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Harry Prendergast

Recruitment Consultant
  • Harry Prendergast
  • Recruitment Consultant

Harry is a versatile professional specialising in sales, management, and recruitment. With a background in account management within the sporting apparel industry, he found his passion for the people-centric hustle of sales. This led him to seamlessly transition into recruitment, where he continues to excel. Harry brings a unique perspective to his role, connecting with individuals, building relationships, and contributing to the success of his team and the company.

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Riley Armitage

Recruitment Coordinator
  • Riley Armitage
  • Recruitment Coordinator

Riley is a recruitment coordinator in our Sales, Support & Service team. With a background in psychology and experience in various roles, including retail and hospitality, she brings a unique understanding of people from different walks of life to her work. Riley finds great joy in talking to people all day and helping them find employment. Drawn to the role for its non-repetitive nature and daily excitement, Riley is thriving at Woods & Co, where every day brings new challenges and opportunities, "you never know what you're going to get!"

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Jove Marston

Recruitment Coordinator
  • Jove Marston
  • Recruitment Coordinator

Jove is a people person, who has a genuine love for the social aspect of recruitment. If you're looking for a Digital Marketing Specialist, Paid Advertising Specialist, SEO Specialist, or Accounts Manager, Jove is your go-to guy. 

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Rob McCormack

Recruitment Consultant
  • Rob McCormack
  • Recruitment Consultant

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