Our Financial Services team are experienced in recruiting experts in this field. The team specialise in sourcing roles and careers ranging from Accountants, Bookkeepers, Brokers, Financial controllers, Business bankers, Payroll officers & Loan processors.

Meet the Team

Our dedicated team of Financial Services Recruiters are eager to act as an invaluable conduit for you to either find the best candidates for your business, or the best fitting career for your interests. Contact us today.

Hish Nidam

Managing Consultant
  • Hish Nidam
  • Managing Consultant

Our managing consultant of the Woods & Co Financial services, and Digital & IT team. Hish has an extensive background in general financial services, day trading, and retail banking. He has great interest in residential property and emerging tech. Hish is still very active in recruitment beyond his management responsibilities, specialising is recruiting web developers, mobile developers, and IT Tech support personnel.

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Rhys Carman

Recruitment Consultant
  • Rhys Carman
  • Recruitment Consultant

A background in sales, and a passion for working with fast moving investment firms landed Rhys in our Financial Services team at Woods & Co. If you’re looking for business accountants and brokers, Rhys is your man.

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Jove Marston

Recruitment Coordinator
  • Jove Marston
  • Recruitment Coordinator

Jove's background in Hospitality, and knowledge of Professional Services gave him the perfect experience to transition into our Digital & IT Recruitment team. Jove is a people person, who has a genuine love for the social aspect of recruitment. If you're looking for a Digital Marketing Specialist, Paid Advertising Specialist, SEO Specialist, or Accounts Manager, Jove is your go-to guy. 

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Melanie Nguyen Don

Recruitment Coordinator
  • Melanie Nguyen Don
  • Recruitment Coordinator

Having a professional history in Hospitality, Marketing and Client Services gave Melanie the perfect experience to transition into the people-centric industry of Recruitment at Woods & Co. Melanie is a people-person, and loves building rapport and networking with both clients and candidates. For any Financial Services, or Digital & IT Recruitment, Melanie is your go-to!

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