Our Hospitality team are experienced in recruiting all levels of staff within the industry. Specialising in both Temporary & Permanent Recruitment, our enthusiastic team are experts in sourcing Venue Managers, Operations Managers, Bar Tenders, Barbacks, and general Food & Beverage attendants.

Meet the Team

Our dedicated and enthusiastic team of Hospitality Recruiters are eager to act as an invaluable resource for you to either find the best candidates for your business, or best fitting career for your interests. Contact us today.

Abby Inglis

Managing Consultant
  • Abby Inglis
  • Managing Consultant

Abby is a genuine expert in Hospitality. She has many years of experience managing bars, nightclubs, wedding venues, event venues, music festivals and the likes from back of house in kitchens to waitressing, bar management, staffing, event management, operation and everything in between. 

Utilising her vast experience in the industry, networks and understanding of the market trends, Abby is able to match candidates with opportunities that align with their experience, career aspirations, and growth goals.

A Little Extra...

Shea McNutt

Managing Consultant
  • Shea McNutt
  • Managing Consultant

Shea’s professional background in food & beverage service led him to taking up a role in our Hospitality team in Temporary Recruitment. Shea’s genuine love for events, music, and people has made him the perfect person for the role. He is your go-to guy for bartenders, waitstaff, food & beverage attendants, and general support staff.

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Aydin Oflay

Recruitment Coordinator
  • Aydin Oflay
  • Recruitment Coordinator

Aydin joined our team with experience recruiting staff in his previous role as Duty Manager within the cinema industry. He loves working with people, managing relationships, and generally helping people in whatever way he can. Aydin is a part of our Temporary Hospitality team, and spends his days resume screening, conducting candidate interviews, and managing communications between candidates and clients.

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Lachie Topp

Senior Recruitment Consultant
  • Lachie Topp
  • Senior Recruitment Consultant

Lachie joined our team with experience as a hiring and training manager. Over time, he has honed his skills and developed into an expert recruiter for our Sales, Support, and Service departments. Whether you're seeking an office manager, personal assistant (PA), executive assistant (EA), or any form of direct support, Lachie is your go-to guy!

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