The Best Emerging Job Opportunities of 2021

Recruitment doesn’t have to be complicated. Whether you’re looking to hire, or are ready for your next career move, Woods & Co can streamline the process for you and match you with the best employee or employer for your needs.

Despite the general climate of bad news, there are a number of new emerging job markets available. In fact, Australia’s unemployment rate now lies at 4.9% – the best rate recorded in a decade.

Woods & Co can help you identify your transferable skills and get you started in one of the following key areas:


Sales, Support & Service

There’s been a huge uptick in the availability of sales, support & service roles. Call centre managers and operators, customer service professionals, account managers, office and admin, and sales roles are among the most in demand, due to their remote working abilities and the public’s appetite for accessible services.

At Woods & Co we’ve seen a particularly high demand for credit analysts, debt collectors, high level marketing account managers, and skilled sales individuals. If you have the skill set appropriate to any of these roles, please contact our consultants Matt and Jack.

Contact Jack Howell on 0433 811 400 or email your CV to

Contact Matthew Peterlechner on 0460 512 365 or email your CV to


Property & Construction

construction is an industry that has been able to continue throughout lockdowns and restrictions. As a result, roles such as development managers, assistant development managers, site foremen, and project managers have continued to come up steadily.

If you feel that you have the qualities and requisite level of skill to work confidently on projects that value 2M or more, please contact us.

Contact Justin Tayler on 0427 722 974 or email your CV to

Contact Jai Stevens on 0423 876 171 or send email your CV directly to


Financial Services

Financial service professionals have always been in demand, but we are now seeing an unprecedented boom. At Woods & Co we encounter regular calls for experienced practice accountants, brokers, loan writers and processors, and accountants based in Melbourne and Sydney for both small and large financial firms.

If you’re searching for a financial services position, get in touch.

Contact Hish Nidam on 0434067951 or send your CV to

Contact Rhys Carman on 0407 099 036 or send your CV to


Digital & IT

Digital and IT positions are one area where we have seen incredible growth during the lockdown period. If you’re an individual who has an extensive knowledge of code and a range of programming languages under your belt, then please contact us today. We have developer and IT roles readily available.

Contact Ben Aharfi on 0404 119 876 or email your CV.



Hospitality has been a hard-hit industry, but with the gradual opening of states the demand for hospitality staff is tipped to explode. Our team has been presented with a wide range of roles across all skill levels, from wait staff, to venue managers, to chefs.

If you’re a highly skilled and capable hospitality worker, then please contact us today to find out more about the roles available.

Contact Romy on 0429 994 389 or email your CV to


We’ll Help You Land Your Dream Job

Woods & Co streamline the hiring process by getting to know job candidates and employers alike. If any of these positions have resonated with you, then please contact us to learn more and discuss your options.