The Client & Candidate Journey at Woods & Co

The Client & Candidate Journey at Woods & Co 

Finding a new job or employee can often be a daunting task. At Woods & Co we want to make the process as fun and exciting as possible, so we’ve dedicated our lives to recruitment. 

Recruitment is competitive. We want to get you what you want, whether that be salary, work-life balance, an office by the ocean or a skilled IT specialist who has a background in marketing. Woods & Co understand that everyone is unique, so we made a process to match. We work by getting to know our clients’ and candidates’ one-of-a-kind requirements and going from there. Through personal level communication, our process ensures our candidates and clients are happy with the final placement. 


Woods & Co have a strong focus on our people and who we work with. Setting us apart from other recruitment agencies, Woods & Co thrive on human interaction. Building relationships, our clients and candidates become part of the Woods & Co family. The better we get to know our clients and candidates, the easier we can match them to their unique needs and requirements. Woods & Co keep the communication flowing and we will continually check in with you to see where you’re at. 


Because we know our clients and candidates well, your goals are second nature to us. Woods & Co understand what you want to get from us, and we do everything we can to ensure your goals are set in motion. Whether you’re a candidate or a client, achieving your unique goals is our aim.  

Our Team

At Woods & Co, we back our developed and proven pillars of value of Career Progression, Job Satiation, and Job Incentive. These values, combined with our impeccable personable skills, drive and constant progressions are what ensures we get it right. 

Woods & Co are a multifaceted team of skilled people-people. We don’t consider ourselves just recruiters, we do everything from marketing to tech. Coming from a multitude of different backgrounds and industries, we all work for the brand, and we identify as individuals with our own set of values.


In recruitment, it’s all about having the correct process when matching the best candidates with the right job. At Woods & Co, our recruitment process doesn’t stop at a CV. We look closely into our prospective candidates’ work history, experience, skills and overall demeanour. Getting to know our clients and our candidates on a personal level ensures there are no stones left unturned. Taking moral values and goals into consideration, we are thorough by assessing the compatibility between the client and the candidate. This ensures all jobs placed are a suitable and long-standing fit. 


Our process for our clients is simple; call us, brief us and then leave it to us. Our recruitment process is continually focused on discovering a position or individual that aligns with and understands your culture and working conditions. Keeping you in the loop, whether that be popping in for a coffee or having a quick phone chat, you’re always informed with what’s going on in our process. 


With salary negotiations and the like, getting that dream job can be competitive. The recruitment journey for the candidate is just as simple as the client’s and we make it a carefree and easy process, keeping you informed and in the loop with every step. We will place you somewhere you want to be, in a role that aligns with exactly who you are and what you want. 

Seeing us as a safe place to search for work, our candidates know we are accessible to them for any questions, whenever the need arises. We will teach, train and develop you with interview help and the like. 

What’s Next?

Whether you’re a candidate or a client, Woods & Co puts you first. Assisting with end-to-end recruitment, we know you will love working with us. Contact our talented team today to secure your next phenomenal employee or position.