Tips for Nailing Your Job Interview

Your interview is the first impression your new employer will have of you. It’s the first time they can put your resume to a face and determine if you’ll live up to the application you’ve put forward. Job interviews may be daunting and overwhelming for some, but when you’re well prepared, they don’t have to be.

There are a few things that you can do to level up your interview and secure the job you applied for with confidence. As one of the leading recruitment companies in Australia, the Woods & Co team can share a thing or two so that you can nail your job interview.

Research and prepare

One of the best things that you can do for yourself in the lead-up to your interview is to research the company you’ve applied for. By studying their social media presence, website and reading staff reviews on Glassdoor or Seek, you can have a better grasp of their clientele, ethos, tone of voice, and other information that might be relevant to the role you’re interviewing for.

If you’re going through a recruitment agency, then you can always ask your recruiter about anything specific that you should know in advance. Their goal is to help you get the job, so your recruiter is one of your best resources.

Another way to feel more prepared for your interview is to become familiar with your resume and figure out the story of your career. The interviewer has already read your CV and understands, at a basic level, your experience. But by stepping through your resume and telling a story, you can paint a picture of who you were, who you are now and who you want to be in the future. For each job that you’ve had, ask yourself why you worked at that company in that specific role and tell a story.

Reshape how you think of the interview

While it’s easier said than done to not feel nervous about your job interview, reshaping how you think of the interview can help you feel calm and relaxed when the time comes. Think of the interview as a catch up, or as an opportunity for the interviewer to put a face to your resume, rather than an interview itself.

Why? Well the answer is pretty simple. The interviewer is already impressed by your cover letter, resume and experience. They already like you and think that you’re a good fit for the role – the interview is a formality so that they can meet you in person or online via Teams or Zoom.

Answer questions with the STAR format

You can easily prepare yourself by thinking of a few key projects or scenarios that you’ve worked on during your career and apply the STAR format when asked about a project you enjoyed working on or even if asked about conflicts you might’ve had within the workplace. 

The STAR format is as follows:

  • Situation: What situation were you in? Focus on one specific situation when answering questions, rather than getting carried away with many.
  • Task: What was your role in the situation? What was your responsibility?
  • Action: What actions and steps did you take to address the task and situation?
  • Result: What was the final outcome of your actions?

By applying this answering structure, you can shape your story in a logical way that’s easy to understand.

Be yourself

While interviews may be stressful, it’s important that you be yourself as much as you can. This helps show the interviewer your personality in a positive light, while also aligning with the company’s values and ethos. You should also be true about any areas where you can improve professionally and how the role will help you achieve that.

Woods & Co have your back

Here at Woods & Co, our team of expert recruiters will have your back throughout the entire hiring process. From the moment you submit your resume and cover letter, right through to the interview process, we will work with you so that you can secure the job of your dreams. 

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