3 Tips to find an ethical job in Australia

Lets discuss how to find ethical jobs in Australia! The Australian job market is large and vast. Many employers are looking for eager and adaptable staff in every major central business district; Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane. As hardworking and dedicated laborer’s in Australia, there is a moral right to put yourself in a position that feels comfortable. Finding an ethical job Melbourne can be as difficult as obtaining one.

Companies will often take advantage of employees in one way or another. Poor benefits, rancid workplace environment, or immoral business are among many unethical practices a company may perform. It is ideal to avoid working for an employer like this to avoid any association or future unemployment if the unfair trading is exposed.

Luckily, there are plentiful companies running a safe and ethical business. Work-safe environments, excellent culture, and appropriate pay wages aren’t a diamond in the rough. Following a few tips and tricks will help you find the right job that won’t leave lasting dread and guilt. These recommendations will show how to find an ethical job in Australia.


Make sure to thoroughly research your market

Some roles and skills are in high demand in Australia, and others less so. You may find the more desirable jobs have underlying payment and employee issues. Companies in high demand markets will often be able to hire disposable employees since the applications are flying through the door. Be wary if this relates to your industry. You may end up working extra-long hours for poor pay, face high expectations and a large workload, and even sketchy business.

Avoid organisations that have poor contracts or response times, low transparency in job details, and not much background online. Luckily, Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney all have fantastic ethical jobs that have all these and more. A quick google search on that Software Design position in Melbourne should give you all the information you need about the business, and your contact should be able to provide whatever further detail you request. Otherwise, steer clear and look elsewhere!


Learn about your entitlements as an employee

Every workplace has to follow certain laws for fair treatment. The Australian Fair Work Act, WorkSafe and other national organisations help keep businesses fair and safe for all staff. However, there are a handful of organisations out there which fly under the radar and do not follow these laws. As an employee, you are entitled to certain rights.

Make sure you read through each job contract twice before agreeing. Confirm that you are across every single benefit and privilege that the position grants you. If you feel comfortable with it, then proceed with the application. Adversely, if something doesn’t sit well with you or you need clarification, investigate the issue and speak about it to your contact.

This doesn’t only help during the application process, but years into a position. Working conditions may change or another event may occur which breaches your rights as an employee. Again, it is critical to investigate the problem and stand up for what you are entitled to as an Australian in the workforce. In Melbourne, Brisbane, and Sydney, there is many companies and co-workers who will help to achieve the safest and best working conditions, so don’t be afraid to walk away if the current ones aren’t up to the standards.


Know what a Visa gives you

If you’re from overseas and seeking ethical employment in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, you’ll need to make sure you know what you are entitled to. Unfortunately, it is often common practice to abuse the hard working motivation of foreign workers. Despite providing some of the most incredible efforts amongst the workforce in Australia, some companies see this as an opportunity for cheap labour and manipulation. Always look for ‘right to work’ in Australian job ads and make sure to fill in all your credentials correctly. If you do not have a valid Visa and are seeking work, you will not find a decent ethical job in Melbourne, Brisbane, or Sydney.

Working holiday visas can also be a way to get a foot in the door, the candidate may then be able to convince their employer to sponsor them and provide a full work visa. A really good employer will sponsor high-level candidates if they can’t get someone locally. It is worth making certain that your Visa is up to date and legal for work in Australia. If not, you may face unfair treatment and end up working for a horrible employer.

To reiterate, don’t be afraid to refuse a position if the business practicedoesn’t feel right. Finding ethical jobs in Australia can be difficult, but these suggestions will help substantially. Throughout Melbourne, Brisbane, and Sydney – Australia’s major business locations, there is an abundance of ethical jobs for employees to thrive in.