The Top 5 Skills to Look for in Hospitality Candidates

Working in the hospitality industry is no easy feat. Employees have to handle customers, juggle multiple orders at once, all the while keeping a happy and energetic facade.

So it’s perfectly reasonable for you to be on the lookout for certain skills when scouting for candidates to work at your hospitality establishment.

But do you know what those skills are?

Here at Woods & Co, we’re experts on finding great candidates for ethical jobs Melbourne-wide. This includes knowing what traits make a great hospitality candidate!

We’re going to share our knowledge on what top five skills you should be looking for when finding future hospitality staff.


No matter what industry you work in, communication is key to success. In the context of hospitality, good communication equals excellent customer service.

Everything your staff says or communicates is a reflection on your business as a whole. What they communicate and how they do it must elevate the customer experience, while also helping your team work efficiently.

Another key part of communication that you should be looking for is the candidate’s ability to listen. This ensures that the patrons of your hospitality establishment know that your staff can and will fulfil their needs.


Hospitality workers are often juggling multiple groups of customers simultaneously. So it’s important that your candidates know how to manage the individual wants and needs of your customers.

Given the often hectic and fast-paced nature of hospitality, your candidate must know how to manage their time well, as well as know how to have grace under pressure.

Great multitasking skills and communication go hand-in-hand, as it helps ensure all customers are treated as equal priorities.


Having a thick skin in the hospitality industry is essential, no matter what type of establishment your staff work in. Hospitality staff often go through intense periods of stress, especially during peak seasons.

If your candidates know how to handle their stress in a healthy and positive way, then they’ll most likely be a good fit for hospitality. But if staying strong in the face of adversity – whether that’s a bad customer or an overwhelming amount of stress – then they can learn how to manage these feelings on the job.

When hospitality staff have great resilience, it helps maintain your professional image while also increasing productivity – a win-win for all!

Attention to Detail

Keeping your patrons happy is a primary goal for any hospitality establishment. So when your workers have stellar attention to detail, it means they’ll notice the little things that can affect your patrons’ experience.

Having good attention to detail also gives your employees a chance to foster positive relationships with your customers, which can help create a positive experience.

Cultural Awareness

No two people are the same, and you’re most likely going to have patrons and staff who come from different backgrounds. Your candidate should have some empathy and cultural awareness, so that they know how to work with someone’s differences, rather than against them.

This allows your hospitality establishment to be a safe and inclusive space for people from all walks of life, which in turn can improve your reputation.

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